Who Has to Pay if My Neighbor’s Tree Falls on My House?

Trees are great to have in your yard. They can add value to your home. They provide shade, and they are nice to look at, but what happens when a tree falls and causes damage to your home or to your neighbor’s home?

If your neighbor’s tree falls on your house, he may or may not be responsible for the damage. If the tree was known to be diseased or dead and it falls on your house, then your neighbor is probably liable. If the tree falls during a storm, then he would probably not be liable because this is considered an Act of Nature. However, if the tree fell over in a storm and the tree was diseased or dead then your neighbor would most likely be liable if it can be proved he knew or should have known about the poor condition of the tree.

In order to protect yourself in all of these situations, inspect your trees and make sure you have adequate homeowner’s insurance to pay for the damage in case a tree falls on your house.

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