How Long Does Alimony Last?

The type of alimony that a spouse is awarded determines how long alimony will be received or paid. If a judge awards lump sum alimony then the alimony will be paid until the lump sum amount is paid in full. If alimony is rehabilitative alimony, it will be paid until the terms of the court order are met. For instance, when a judge orders rehabilitative alimony it is usually for a certain period of time. Once the time period elapses then the alimony payments will stop.

Permanent and periodic alimony will be paid until either the paying spouse or the receiving spouse dies. This type of alimony will also end if the receiving spouse remarries or lives with a romantic partner for a period in excess of 90 days. Permanent and periodic alimony can also be revisited by the court if one of the parties can show a substantial change in circumstances, such as a decrease/increase in income, a job loss, or retirement. Every case involving alimony is a little different, so contact me if you have a specific question about your alimony situation.

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