What Is a Parenting Plan in South Carolina Family Court?

The requirement of the presentation of a parenting plan in South Carolina Family Court is relatively new. Although parenting plans are required to be submitted at all temporary hearings, the law doesn’t specifically require that a parenting plan be submitted at the final hearing. Nevertheless, the law does require that the court consider each party’s parenting plan before issuing a temporary or final custody order. However, if a party fails to provide a parenting plan, the court can still issue a temporary or final order of custody.

The parenting plan is supposed to reflect parental preferences, the allocation of parenting time to be spent with each parent, and major decisions, including, but not limited to, the child’s education, medical and dental care, extracurricular activities and religious training. However, the parties may elect to prepare, file, and submit a joint parenting plan. SECTION 63-15-220, SC Code of Laws.

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