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Standing Up
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Property Division Lawyers in Simpsonville, SC, Making Splits Fair for Families

Life can be a whirlwind when it comes to divorce and splitting up assets. It’s a difficult process to manage, but at the Law Office of Rhett Burney, our property division lawyers are here in Simpsonville to ensure that each family member is treated fairly and respectfully during the divorce process.

When it comes to asset division, we can provide assistance in negotiating an equitable settlement that both parties agree on. We are experienced in mediation and negotiation tactics, as well as helping you understand your rights under South Carolina law concerning the distribution of property during a divorce or separation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with preparing complex financial documents needed for the distribution of marital property during a dissolution of marriage proceeding. We strive to assist our clients in achieving favorable results without going through a drawn-out litigation battle. Contact us today for an initial consultation at 864 689 4482.

How is Property Division Determined in South Carolina?

When it comes to property division during a divorce, the state of South Carolina follows the “equitable distribution” rule. This means that all marital assets will be divided in a fair and equitable manner, taking into account the contributions of each spouse.

This is different from “community property,” which is common in other states. With this type of distribution, each spouse is given an equal share of the marital assets regardless of contribution.

When it comes to determining who gets what during a divorce, there are several factors that are taken into consideration by the court. These include:

  •  The length of the marriage
  •  The spouses’ ages and health conditions
  •  Each spouse’s financial situation
  •  Any pre-marital agreements or postnuptial contracts

Ultimately, the court will determine how to split marital property fairly between the two parties.

Property division can be both an emotional and complicated process. Our experienced property division lawyers understand that emotions run high during this difficult time, and we’re here to help guide you through each step of the process.

We have vast experience in dealing with complex property divisions, from negotiating settlements to litigating on behalf of our clients in court if necessary. You don’t have to face your property division alone – we are here for you every step of the way.

What Does a Property Division Lawyer Do?

Divorce is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for all parties involved. Unfortunately, divorce often requires the division of marital property. This can be a complex process since there may be legal disputes involving real estate, investments, debts, and other assets. A property division lawyer specializes in helping couples divide their marital property as fairly as possible during a divorce.

A property division lawyer will work with both parties to measure the value of each asset and determine which spouse should receive what portion. In some cases, they may also negotiate an agreement that serves the best interests of both spouses. With our help, you can move through this transitional period with peace of mind and confidence in knowing that all assets have been divided fairly.

What Can Go Wrong During a Property Division Case?

Disputes may arise during a property division case as each party may want to keep certain items and cannot agree on who gets what. Property division lawyers can help parties understand their rights, evaluate the assets in dispute, and identify any potential issues or conflicts between them. Additionally, a lawyer can provide legal advice on how best to divide the assets fairly.

When two parties are unable to come to an agreement about which property should be given away or kept by whom, a court may have to step in and make the decision for them. This can create additional stress and cost for both sides involved in the case. In some cases, it might even lead to long-term resentment between former partners if one feels that they were treated unfairly in court proceedings related to the property division. We aim to settle these accounts outside of litigation to get the most efficient resolution possible.

How Can The Law Office of Rhett Burney, Help Me?

At the Law Office of Rhett Burney, we understand how emotional and difficult the process of property division can be. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to guide you through every step of this challenging process so that you are able to secure a favorable outcome for your case.

Whether it is real estate, business interests, cash accounts, investments, or other tangible assets, our dedicated lawyers have the know-how and experience to ensure a successful resolution. Call us today at 864 689 4482 for an initial consultation!